Melasma treatment uses target wavelengths of light to break down pigment molecules in hyperpigmented areas, restoring your natural skin tone. Set up a skin evaluation at our Orland Park, IL office to find out whether melasma treatment with laser therapy might help enhance your skin’s appearance!

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MELASMA Procedure

Melasma occurs when irregular areas of darkened skin appear on the face, forearms, and neck. These tan, gray, or brownish pigmented areas normally develop evenly around the forehead, cheeks, nose, upper lip, or chin. Melasma appears more frequently in people with darker skin types, and it is thought to be triggered by sun damage or hormonal changes, like those that occur during pregnancy and menopause. Laura Biris offers laser melasma treatment at Fearfully & Wonderfully Made with Harmony XL PRO laser technology from Alma. This innovative option utilizes gentle laser energy to help minimize the appearance of darkly pigmented areas resulting from melasma. Set up a skin evaluation at our Orland Park, IL office to find out whether melasma treatment with laser therapy might help boost your confidence and enhance your skin’s appearance!


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What causes melasma?

Melasma can occur during any stage of life. It’s generally thought to be caused by hormonal changes, such as those that accompany pregnancy and birth control medications. Additional causes of melasma can include damage from UV rays, stress, and family genetics.

How does laser treatment for melasma work?

During treatment with the Harmony XL PRO laser, a skilled team member will direct a healing, light-based energy into pigmented spots on the surface of your skin. The laser will gently help to break down extra pigment, which can then be absorbed by your body. Even though pigmented spots may darken upon initial treatment, they should become less noticeable over the course of seven days.

Does melasma come back after laser treatment?

Although laser options can help lessen the appearance of melasma, the condition may still reoccur over time. A series of visits may be recommended to help maintain your results.



Laura Biris

Laura Biris is the lead medical aesthetician and cosmetologist at Fearfully & Wonderfully Made in Orland Park, IL. She is an expert at assessing a patient’s skin condition and recommending optimal.

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Anna Smith

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